Bankruptcy & Other Areas

OTHER RELATED AREAS Most legal matters aim for resolution and finality.  Whether post settlement or post judgment, additional steps might be required to achieve your goals.  For instance, collection efforts or bankruptcy filing may be required to bring a final resolution to your legal matter.  In considering your legal options, we recommend not only reviewing

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Criminal & Traffic

CRIMINAL & TRAFFIC Most criminal matters will be governed by the formal charges stated against you. This will not only determine what the prosecutor must prove, but also designate the jurisdiction and local procedural rules, and provide the range of possible sentencing. Sentencing can consist of combination of fees and fines, supervision, conditional discharge, probation,

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Estate Planning

ESTATE PLANNING Our goal is to provide our clients with comprehensive and effective estate planning advice combining legal knowledge with practical considerations.  Proper estate planning should not only address the distribution of your estate, but also include a detailed assessment of tax consequences, court involvement, liquidity, authorizations, and potential disability issues. Unless otherwise warranted, our

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Lender Services

LENDER SERVICES Today’s changing economic climate and evolving lender laws require extended due diligence, intelligent underwriting, proper execution, and particular attention to securing your legal rights.  From loan document preparation, title reviews, compliance matters, to enforcement issues, we assist lending institutions in approving loans in today’s economy. Our services include: Preparation and modification of loan

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Construction Law

CONSTRUCTION LAW Most construction disputes encompass a wide array of legal disciplines, including, business and real estate law.  To successfully handle a construction law matter, your attorney must be prepared to use an array of legal skills to effectively negotiate a contract, avoid and resolve disputes, and advocate your claims in court should litigation become

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Business Law

BUSINESS LAW Frequently, business owners are forced to deal with legal issues that are unfamiliar to them, but can have significant consequences if not properly addressed. From basic business entity formation and maintenance, to sale or purchase, we are able to assist our clients in a wide range of business law matters, including, advising on

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Real Estate

REAL ESTATE A real estate transaction for most people usually involves a major investment of their savings and a long term obligation to repay their debt. Each purchase or sale of residential, commercial, industrial, or investment property must address numerous legal issues such as: contract review, disclosures, inspections, loan requirements, warranties, title insurance, survey, zoning,

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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation Sometimes no matter how much preparation or execution is invested in into a contractual matter, someone falls short of their obligations. Whether due to negligence, shortage of funds, misunderstandings, or any other reason, litigation is often the proper mechanism to protect and enforce your rights. When considering litigation, you must take into account

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